Why You Should Be Bitter

You tried to do it right. You received good grades in high school and college. You decided to improve your job prospects because you knew you wanted a family, knew of inflation and just wanted to continue working forward. The mistake you made. You went to law school.

As we all have witnessed we are bitter. Some law graduates went to top schools, others didn’t, and still others weren’t adequately advised or mentored as to whether they should have been to or stayed in law school. For the most part were tricked by enablers.

You realized it when you expected a return on your educational investment, even now you will still hear influential financial advisors such as Suze Orman exort student loans as “good debt.” You stay in an apartment in an ok area, but realized that blue collar workers make just as much as you, that everyone receives discounts on their rent: the military, teachers, veterans, disabled. The latter two you understand but then comes the other category-Section 8 housing.  You realized that at some point in your life you were considered open-minded, liberal, until the basics of housing and food became an issue. Everyone makes mistakes, but some people have made it a career to live their lives in error. I refer to the ones who manipulate and take advantage of the system. You are surrounded by those who went out and had a bunch of children they couldn’t afford, some may work part-time others don’t at all, yet they are rewarded. You on the other hand are middle or upper middle class, your tax dollars support programs that DO NOT benefit you at all, yet after trying to do things the right way, you end up living in the same area, neighborhood and even apartment buildings as these people. The government doesn’t care about your student loans, you are taxed to the highest degree possible, punished because you are single and dare to want to earn a decent living so you wouldn’t have to live amongst certain elements. Then you realize, I sacrifice for what? to be around who? and what are my job prospects with a legal education and (if it applies)  I am a minority? Wow. You should not be bitter, but you should definitely be angry.


  1. Definitely agree that you should be angry.

    I think you may be directing your ire at the wrong target, but there is a substantial social value in unadulterated rage – wherever directed.

    So, good post.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      Thank you, but I don’t think it’s misdirected, rather it should be focused in more than one direction…

  2. JD Underdog Said:

    I wish to contact you personally, but I have no info. I do not like to leave my email out there, and I understand if you don’t. Angel the Lawyer and Nando have their emails public, so if you would like to reach me, contact them.

  3. Nando Said:

    We are justifiably angry. We have been told since infancy that “Education is the key to your success.” We did what was asked/demanded of us. We went into serious debt, and worked hard to get into graduate school, for the express purpose of attaining upward mobility.

    Now, we realize that many people without even a Bachelor’s degree are earning more than us JDs. And the apologists want us to sit back, smile and relax. That is nonsense!

    If you can’t upset about this, then you are missing “something.” Thank you for your contribution to the scam blogging movement, BTW.

  4. JD Underdog Said:

    Great blog entry and follow up comments! I totally felt your situation in this post because these have been my thoughts for the last couple days. Law school is by far the worst decision of my life and the hardest error to undo.

  5. Dupednontraditional Said:

    I, for one, based on the information I had, thought that there was a legal “industry” out there, much like there is a science “industry”, a medical “industry”, or a financial “industry” to name a few. Turns out I was largely wrong. And, for that matter, the other “industries” appear to be increasingly clogged with educated people with not a lot of jobs to go around, depression or no depression.

    “You tried to do it right. You received good grades in high school and college. You decided to improve your job prospects because you knew you wanted a family, knew of inflation and just wanted to continue working forward. ”

    Absolutely. Given all our (important) Constitutional rights, who knew our economics are still rooted in sixteenth-century Europe after all? Take-home message : make sure you are born into a socio-politically-connected family.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      I know, wish there was a pseudo-attorney retreat where people could vent their woes and see just how not alone they are in this situation. Anyway, lol you cannot choose what family you’re born into; the only real thing to do is protect our progeny from attending law school–and maybe live in another country….

  6. Brutus, Esq. Said:

    Never bitter! But definitely angry and disappointed. I’d be even more pissed if I actually wanted to practice law.

    But regarding the programs we are taxed for, most of them are to feed the various industrial complexes that have grown around our government over the years. It is surely a shame.

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