An Open Letter to Families of Law Graduates and Attorneys

To Whom it May Concern:

You may not understand why your daughter/son/husband/wife are suffering. Everyone claims because of the economic downturn since 2008, it is the reason why lawyers cannot find a job. This is not the case. Attorneys from prior generations were already suffering and the most recent economic collapse just further opened the lid on such an embarrassing secret: law school was not a good investment.

You see,  the majority of students spent long, listless hours in the law library, being broke, surviving on student loans but making sure you had enough for branded coffee. What they also endured is a teaching method unparallel to any other graduate school-the socratic method.  It’s basically academic hazing in which a professor calls on the student in the midst of silence, hoping that the student either blew off or was too tired to read the previously assigned caseload in order to demean them in the most sarcastic of ways. There is no such thing as “catching up” on previously assigned work because it’s continuous reading for most classes with a final exam at the end of the semester. This is preparing your family member for real world of the “practice of law” as well. You see, should he or she not be employed in appropriate legal industry within the first three years, attending law school becomes the equivalent of career suicide.

World War II I believe, as women showed that they were more than capable of working in factories and taking care of the “homefront” as American were off at war. It was not only women who threatened the availability of jobs, young adults did as well. This is how adding tiers of education to prolong children/young adults entry into the workforce and prevent their sudden encroachment of jobs for the working class. This methodology is now so inflated that you have members of a younger generation who are over-educated, with no practical skills and can barely survive (if they are) in this country where the modis operandi is simply the opposite of what they tried to do; that is they tried to work and do things the ‘right way’ while others just took advantage of the system. You should be angry at the latter, not the former.

For those who actually practiced law for some time, you have no idea the type of work environment they undergo. Most work environments have backbiting and gossip, but magnify it 10X when you’re addressing the legal field and every stereotype one can imagine: conniving, deceptive, manipulative, liars, phony, deceitful, greedy and hateful. You should be glad that they are either being forced out or deciding no longer to be in this field. Those who want to stay will more than likely fit the just mentioned adjectives very well.

Anyway, I know you would like them to “stick with it” in their legal practice or law job search. Reality dictates that there is no adhesive keeping this economy together. It’s all falling apart. It’s not like during your time where you can make an ‘honest living,’ purchase a home, get married have children, backyard, pickett fence and a dog. Companies and law firms are dissipating completely primarily contributing to the loss of jobs (even with mergers and acquisitions there is some job loss but not as many). With the rise in prices for fresh produce, apartments, housing, inflation, this country’s debt to other countries, your attorney family member’s student loan debt, high stress, delay of having a family because he or she wanted to do the right thing and is now being punished for it. Whatever jobs exist in the federal government your generation is clasping the reigns for dear life as they likely lost their retirement funds or money in the stock market and probably are unable to retire now even if they wanted to.

 Do not mock, scorn, name call, belittle your law graduate family member. This is the time they need your support, not your scorn.

**I remember an episode of Dr. Phil stating that “I know it’s un-American to tell you not to have a credit card [and debt]. Well, I thought I could take it a step further and say do not get a graduate degree.


  1. Nando Said:

    This man has good intentions (I think). However, he has been inundated with the idea that advanced education will pay off. Unfortunately, this pays off for school administrators and professors – at the expense of students.

    Most prospective law students are not fully aware of how arbitrary the grading is in law school. He also notes that the Pre-Law Society at his undergrad is full of pretentious jerks. Law schools feed off of idealistic young people like this man. It is a sick system.

  2. Nando Said:

    Have you also noticed that many of the older attorneys go out of their way to mock the younger generation of lawyers? Apparently, these old hags (mostly male) would rather pretend that things were just as hard for them.

    And if things were so great for these guys, why do we see an array of ancient fossils roaming the courthouses of this vast country? Could it be that these guys cannot afford to retire? Follow one of these dinosaurs out to the courtroom parking lot their and see them attempt to get into their 1987 Buick LeSabre with 212,000 miles on it. Look at the ratty sportcoat that is 25 years old. Look at the shoes that are worn down to nothing. Look at the briefcase that the litigator has brought to court since the Reagan administration.

    Perhaps, more young people need to see this BEFORE going to law school. Because if you do not have some serious connections or go to an elite law school, you will likely never make a decent living as an attorney.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      True. No one wants to help you, whether they’re older or your contemporaries. Though they had it much easier, especially if they weren’t an underrepresented minority.

      I’m not sure I would generalize about the car thing…some rich people are cheap, I think it’s better to follow them to their home..I remember skipping through a couple of pages of the millionaire next door! Either way we’re not being helped. Maybe this will be the final collapse. Now we can rest easy.

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