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A Slightly Somber Note

Well, I haven’t posted in a short while. As the reality of the legal industry seems to burrow in my brain like cystic tumor which is nearly impossible to remove even by the most skilled, I have beeen contemplating next steps. There are no easy answers. I noticed JD Underdog has come to terms with leaving the legal field.

The problem is, most fields aren’t doing that much better–which is why people STILL are fleeing to law school as an economic refuge. It is highly ironic to bear tens of thousands of dollars where there is no job awaiting in the vastly oversaturated legal field as a ‘good idea.’ Anyway, I digress. I wonder if things are truly over. Readers what have you been doing to survive, maneuver through or leave the legal field, I guess in some ways many people are forced out…

That’s what’s been going on, attempting not to be crushed by some stark realities. Of course everything is not about career…but in terms of this blog it is!