AM Law Daily: Welcome to the Future: Are Law Schools “Beached”?

Welcome to the Future: Are Law Schools “Beached”?                                                                                         April 10, 2010

The best part of this article is this statement: “Simply put, whereas medical and other professional schools generally train students in the context of the world they’re about to enter, law schools have almost created an “anticontext,” a world divorced from client reality.”

The field of law existed for how many hundreds of years and it took from 2010 for people to realize it?  Then again the practice of law was originally on par with what many are exhorting as ‘reform’ that is bringing bag the type of apprenticeship practice. At some point in history the legal field changed to nearly anecdotal academic exercise with smatterings of realistic legal teaching.  Of course members of the legal community knew this for decades, but only until money isn’t falling into the pockets of the expected “well-deserved” elite does it make headline news. Similar to the banking and housing collapse, evidence continued to mount, signs were becoming more and more manifest but ignored. Either those in authoritative and managing aspect of the industry assumed that if enough marketing and advertising materials continued to state otherwise it would buy them time to fix it or many were actually delusional to think the current state of the legal field was in a temporary regression but would rise again, with no plan, no actual use of collaborative intelligence or honesty. The legal field is floundering like a beached whale but I doubt if it wasn’t being monitored before the collapse of the industry…the next step; it appears people have some ideas but either are stifled, ruined by student loans, or already view the legal field for the most part as permanently dismantled.

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