The Rejection Letters Haven’t Ceased

“Thank you for applying for the Assistant United States Attorney position for the ______District of __________, in our ____ Branch Office. This letter is to advise you that another highly qualified candidate was selected for this position. We appreciate your interest in this position and hope you will consider other vacancies as they occur.”

[in order for us to reject you for those too]  At this point I really do not see the purpose of applying for jobs. I know you’re supposed to, but these polite rebuffs just reinforces the belief that this system is set up to advance certain people. To continue to believe that the job market is fair or should you work hard and qualify society will be fair to you in return. It’s simply not the case. No, this isn’t the first time I discovered this, but when you were a few years younger one still possessed glimmers of hope. This hope is exterminated to the stark reality of America. The system doesn’t work–except for a few people.


  1. Mark F. Said:

    Hey, at least they sent a rejection letter.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      I know you are trying to be encouraging but how come people keep calling it a victory to receive a rejection letter?

  2. Mr. Tinkle Said:

    I’m one of those laid off BigLaw associates that Nando has encountered on his blog. After, drum roll please, 16 months of searching for a legal position (689 resumes; 58 networking events; countless personal connection tapping), I said, fuck it. I’m now selling solar energy systems on an all commission basis. I just can’t believe I wasted that much time on a such fruitless endeavor. And the worst part is that being an associate at my former firm and their ilk, frankly, is soul crushing.

    Regarding the site, my mom was a federal government recruiter and she indicated that most of the jobs posted are either internally “pre-hired” or go to veterans. Don’t waste your time.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      What you said about federal jobs doesn’t surprise me, just like everything else in a America, it is yet another club.

  3. Nando Said:

    It is sad when receiving rejection letters is a small victory. My wife has been unemployed for 6 months now, with a Master’s degree. I remember those days – they weren’t that long ago. We, as a nation, simply cannot compete with low-wage nations without environmental and labor regulations.

    Did the policymakers actually think “free trade” would cause other nations to increase their labor costs?! Anyone with a modicum of common sense could have seen what would happen, i.e. lowering of U.S. wage structure. Look at the sheer number of college-educated people making $10 an hour!! (We see the same thing with those armed with MBAs, JDs, MAs, MSs, and PhDs.)

    When you get a chance, look at the comments on my recent post, Open Letter to JD Class of 2010. Some commenters from elite schools and former Biglaw associates are telling us how they were canned and are now unemployable. What a terrible time – the education bubble has engulfed an entire generation of young people.

    • John Said:

      Hi Nando,

      I read your blog as well, and am going to Drake on a full scholarship this fall. Drake definitely wasn’t my top choice, but I couldnt pass up a free ride. As a Drake alumni, can you give any advice or tips on Drake, especially with the legal market the way it is?


      P.S.- I am looking to do public interest work post-graduation

      • Nando Said:

        I don’t have enough info on your situation to give you specific advice. At this point, I can only provide general advice, i.e. the job market sucks everywhere; the Iowa Judiciary keeps facing constant cutbacks and furloughs; etc.

        Create a junk email account and leave that on my blog. I will delete it the moment I see it. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous Said:

    @ A Law School Victim

    Yep. Let it be known: I prefer my rejection letters in this form. Please and thanks.

  5. rejectedtoo Said:

    Agree completely, especially with respect to any USA position, much less the rinky dink law jobs. It wasn’t until I graduated and began my job search that I actually realized how true the statement “life is not fair” is….I have been depressed ever since. Sad commentary on life and the lies told to countless American children throughout the country. The system is stacked for the “preferred, protected, and connected” as the saying goes…….

  6. JL Said:

    So true. I am not sure what you’re supposed to do at all. I guess try for a government job or something, which is almost impossible to get.

    • Anonymous Said:

      Thank you for providing this standard form rejection letter. I will attach it with my CV on all the e-mails I send out from now on. Just speeds up the process. Long delay in which you guess that you’re not going to get an interview, followed by a short, standardized letter which makes you think, “Now, why is it that such a shit-ass letter took them a month and a half to e-mail out?”

      • A Law School Victim Said:

        That made me laugh, though the reality reaks…it’s like let me save you the time.

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