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Law & Order Drama: CANCELLED

Law & Order All Rights are Reserved

At one point or another we hear that art imitates life and vice versa. One network television stations decided to cancel the more realistic original series: Law & Order. You know the one that shows the police living mediocre everyday lives, those who are corrupt part of the task force or forensics’ lab. Then we have Jack McCoy who starts as a straight-shooter Assistant State’s Attorney? and ends up in a more political position as State’s Attorney of the entire office where politics vs. ethics vs. morals are challenged.

Of course it is not realistic to believe that the same officers will always be on the same case together and that a crime deserves so much attention that all of the detective resources will be used to resolve it. At the beginning, I”m sure we saw the flaws in the beginning years while we thought ‘he can’t do that, he didn’t read him his Miranda rights’ or ‘he asked for his attorney, why are the officers still questioning him?’ Or why is the other assistant state’s attorney (female) is relegated to a legal assistant/visual who helps the real state’s attorney solve the crime. Ok, granted Dick Wolf did allow a consistent flow of lead female Assistant State’s Attorney on Law & Order: SVU. Oh and ok Van Buren was the lead detective on the original Law & Order for ages, but you know how television is, they were killing her off with cancer.

Unlike other shows which glamorized law such as Boston Legal and some new show I heard a preview about in which at the end of the day, it’s all about the money, smoking a cigar and drinking some vintage spirit with no regard for the law except to manipulate the hearers of testimony to fail to understand what magic show is brought before them, Law & Order sometimes left you guessing at the end what the verdict will be until the (duh-duh noise and credits) appear because that’s the reality of cases when there is a jury. One never knows.

Apparently, someone thinks that Law & Order needs to be hipper by moving it to Los Angeles, likely to compete with NCIS: Los Angles and CSI: Miami.

Anyway, I think this is a big mistake, I remember they kept moving around Law & Order while the network was figuring out the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien fiasco. They moved Law & Order to Friday night which is known to kill any show, then they moved it to Monday, then Tuesday with repeats. It was the perfect set up, to say oh well now you have low ratings so we have to cancel you. p.s.: You see how art imitates life 🙂