James C. Strouse: Legal Education Malpractice: The Law School Education Scam

James C. Strouse: Legal Education Malpractice: The Law School Education Scam

P. 149.

 This text should be read by potential law students as well as law professors with the hope that until the legal industry changes to actually benefit the student, practice of law, pursuit of justice and not a method to promote economic servitude at the hands of the elite few, it’s obvious whether the average citizen with no connections, prior generation of elite education, extremely well financial situation, there is no need for additional attorneys to this field.

 “Although law school deans will surely challenge the notion of educational malpractice, that is exactly what law schools do.  The massive negligence committed by almost all law schools have dire consequences for the practicing bar and the American public.  It is analogous to allowing a surgeon to practice without supervision or training on actual patients,” taken from page 149.  O.k. it’s from the preview, I just discovered this book and haven’t read it.

 Wow, these words are taken directly from a Maryland lawyer who apparently graduated law school decades ago. What is interesting is that he is not akin to these older attorneys who tend to blame the younger generations for not hacking it, for failing to do the research, you know ‘blame the victim.’ In the quoted excerpt this second-career seasoned attorney lays out the obvious defect in the legal education system. Of course the times have changed with the technological advancements, continuous needs to reduce overhead, the mass production of attorneys, and do it yourself  legal forms (with no guidance or advisors), these factors surely have contributed to the increased unemployment of attorneys.

 What is interesting is that the attorney wrote this book within the past decade, maybe his observation of what he sees is the unprepared proliferation of attorneys into a field that held more meaning yester-year struck a nerve. I just came across his biography and book, and it looks like it’s an interesting read.


  1. A Law School Victim Said:

    I’m tired of this, I wish people will just admit the system failed for the majority.

    • Nando Said:

      I just had some troll comment that it is not the fault of the law schools – it is the fault of scholarships and grants for “stupid minorities” that is the problem. I guess he doesn’t realize that minority lawyers are often the first to go, and that they often get blamed when things go to hell. This was on a post I did on Creighton Law School, which has a very white campus (which is not even why I featured the school on my blog).

      • A Law School Victim Said:

        Because we know that minorities are the majority in this field [sarcasm intended]. Just let the minorities migrate for a year as an experiment and see if the problem changes. Oh no, sometimes we ALL have to look at ourselves, racism, misrepresentation, qualification for a job (regardless of race), market oversaturation, economy, and maybe a blind eye before we blame others. Numerous factors, but what is not fair is the old American standard ‘when in doubt blame the Black guy [or gal].’

  2. Nando Said:

    Life’s Mockery, thanks for the tip. I will look for this. If only he had a chapter on law school placement and salary fraud!

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