One Way to Afford Law School: Wait Near End of Life Expectancy

In the AARP’s May 2010 issue, the magazine

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 featured this profile: 

Law School Graduate Alice Thomas, 79, Raises the Bar – AARP Bulletin

Why do you ask was I reading AARP, just happened to see it in the library and take a gander anyway…This elderly woman worked most of her life, had a family, grandchildren and was a paralegal with a Bachelor’s Degree. Anyone in the legal field generally is aware that paralegals make more than most associates and staff attorneys over a longer period of time, without the student loan monkey swinging in front of your bank account each time you have to decide which bill will you pay to survive.

This is what she did, she lived her life, observed people, the legal industry and human nature. Although it took her most of her life she found a way to afford law school but in the meantime found happiness in her life until that goal would be feasible. We sure could’ve used a mentor like her. Anyway, this should be a great anvil landing in front of you with a note stating: “Law school is not affordable for most, while others are living their lives with families, homes, and real vacations, you are spending your exploration years wondering how you’ll prevent Sallie Mae from making you live under a rock, not afford retirement, while interest deteriorates the possibility of defeating this debt.”

“There seems to be a trend in the media to not even mention seniors or, if they do, portray us all as doddering old fools,” Thomas says with typical bluntness. “Part of my motivation to complete a legal education was to try and prove this is not necessarily true.”

She sure did, managing a way to live a long life and EVENTUALLY going to law school without any student loans. Alice Thomas, this old lady had life experience before attending law school, she knew the score; figured out the game.

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