Conversation I Overheard at a Cafe: Lawyer vs. Mentee

The conversation was already in progress when I grabbed my seat. Pure entertainment. The 40+ year old guy is discussing career options to a young lady who I figure is in her first year of undergrad. Alot of her answers were wrought with I don’t knows and uncomfortable snickers and a reference to high school. The guy is boring her about when he trained bodybuilders and how it was his policy not to date the women he trained, but got an exception for one lady who he did not end up marrying. Apparently that lady relocated from whatever state she was from and ended up going to law school with him. This is such an inappropriate conversation to have with a barely legal adult–pervert. Then he brags that has a law degree from George Washington (GW) School of Law. Then I heard the words “when I used to practice law I enjoyed it.” “I appreciate my law degree though it has nothing to do with what I’m doing now.” Then asks her was she going to work and her wage. She makes $7.50 an hour working at Arby’s. Wait this non-degree holder makes only $2.50 less than most Census workers? The ‘mentor’ then tries to schmuck (verb usage) her into graduate school, telling her she will make 10x than what she makes now at Arby’s. Now mind you he already mentioned that he went to law school but isn’t using his degree, yet encourages her to get even more education. He bought into his own b.s. and was selling it to an uninformed consumer. Oh he then asks her whether she was familiar with twitter and good with [sic] social networks account and when  she is established maybe she can work in one of his workshops–no clue what he was refereing to. Wait, you’re her mentor but telling her to become succcessful with no real guidance so you can benefit from her education and probably rip-off her salary. Some mentor. A Latino waitress walks by and he decides to impress the mentee with his Spanish language skills. Then he says, I decided to speak Spanish to stress the importance to her of learning a foreign language. She seemed so clueless that I wanted to write all of these blogs on a piece of paper and slip it in her bag. He was a b.s. artist and not even a good one but anything would sound impressive to an unwitting 18 year old.

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