PART II: Fleecing State Budgets From West to East Coast: Paying the Price for Law Schools’ New Campuses

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It’s this news series that I got the idea from. We now venture to the east coast, you know this “economic hub” people keep referring to.  Maryland has over 100,000 recently unemployed residents (not including those who are unemployed but get their compensation from DC/VA), and a budget deficit because of the blizzard. According to BLS, Baltimore City has the highest unemployment rate in the state and that was as of May 2010. Well, it just increased. On June 30, 2010, Baltimore City lets 100 workers go – I know times are tough, budgets need to be balanced and localities get funding from the state, but what is the state doing to alleviate the burden on these townships and counties?

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Maryland’s unemployment is 7.2% as of May 2010: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary with an overall unemployment rate as follows: Maryland………………….|   2,517,500 (April 2010) |   2,528,700 (May 2010) |   In one month’s time    11,200 became unemployed. Maryland’s unemployment compensation fund is broke yet the State of Maryland donates 92 million to a 4th tier law school:

This doesn’t sound right. What would make a state government decide to put money into an existing law school when its constiuents are failing at a decent standard of living. Maybe it’s a tax write-off to the federal government in order to get more funding to the state. In any case, it is the working middle class who will likely suffer. As Baltimore City already has one of the highest if not the highest local income taxes, I’m sure this new building will increase the proeprty taxes in the area, driving more people out of homes and rentals  near the school. I’m not an economist, but should we assume this is a long-term investment for a withering legal industry?


  1. Nando Said:

    Now, THAT is sickening! And people just accept this situation. BalTTTimore will not suddenly move up in the rankings – and crack into the “top 100 law schools.”

    Look up the pay for BalTTTimore and UMD “law profs” – and we can put this in better perspective. Remember, Big Debt Small Law did a profile on the CRAZY amount Karen Rothenburg was paid as dean of UMD’s law school.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      I know, but we know constituents don’t truly have a say in what the governments do. They claim to represent the people but instead make deals like a guardian-ward relationship with the mentality “I know what’s best for the state and the people.”

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