More Rejection Letters Part II

“You submitted an application for vacancy [               ]: [                    ] Specialist,[                               ]. Although we greatly appreciate your interest in this position, ultimately another candidate was selected. You may access or or to find other positions which may be of interest to you, and for which you feel you are qualified.” [lack of creativity]

“Thank you for submitting an application for the Attorney position in the Office of General Counsel, [                                   ].  Your name was referred to the selecting official for consideration; however, another applicant was selected for the position.”

“This refers to the application you recently submitted to this office for the position shown below: [                ].  The agency has cancelled this vacancy.  The position is being re-announce under new vacancy announcement number [                              ].  All applicants who applied under vacancy announcement number [                              ] are encourage to re-apply.” [so they can just cancel it again]

“You recently applied for this position at the Library Of Congress. The position has been cancelled and we will not be filling it at this time. You may access or or to find other positions which may be of interest to you, and for which you feel you are qualified.” [would the trillion dollar deficit have any thing to do with jobs being advertised then cancelled]

“Your application for vacancy announcement number [                                     ](GENERAL), GS-0905e-11 in [                        ] has been reviewed.  We determined that you do not meet the specialized experience requirements identified in the vacancy announcement. Therefore, we can no longer consider you for this vacancy.”

“Your application has been received for vacancy announcement number[          ]. This announcement is for a [                     ] Specialist, GS [    ]position with the [              ] Corporation.This vacancy has been cancelled and no selection was made.  The vacancy will not be re-announced at this time.” [why must you taunt me]

“We have received your submission for the position of ASSISTANT COUNTY ATTORNEY III. Based on a review of your submission, you have been placed in the highest rating category of the eligible list for this position.  As a result, you may be contacted by the hiring authority for an interview.  However, please be aware that the hiring authority is not required to interview all applicants.” [p.s.: I was never interviewed nor was any follow-up contact made]

” We have reviewed your application and found you qualified for the position listed above.  However, you were  not among the most highly qualified candidates. Therefore, your name was not referred to the selecting official.” [you are not a 55 year old male with 16+ years of experience].  A selection has been made for this position.    Thank you for your interest in Federal employment.    PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE.  IT WAS GENERATED AUTOMATICALLY…”


  1. Jerry Said:

    You all sound like little children that played in “everyone plays” ,”no one gets cut” and “don’t keep score”.

  2. Frank Said:

    Sorry, just notice the typo their should be they’re.

  3. Frank Said:

    Just received one of these gems today. By the way, I’m a fifty-eight year old with experience. In my field their looking for young and perky. It’s a sign of the times…

  4. Nando Said:

    Thank you for returning to the scene!! I love the commentary after the rejection letters, by the way. My wife has received so many standard reply rejections in the last 14 months, that I would have used half of a filing cabinet to store all of these.

    Meanwhile, the education peddlers score big.

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