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A tale of a unemployed lawyer: He’s neither seasoned or a new law graduate

Random conversation with an elderly lady. She stated that her grandson was a law graduate from Villanova University from a few years ago. So I’m assuming between three and four years. His parents (her son and daughter in-law) told her grandson that they were willing to pay for all of his undergraduate studies but if he wanted to attend law school he was on his own.

The 0L at the time probably thought he was ahead of the game. Though he has graduated with thousands of dollars less in debt than his contemporaries or his predecessors who have accumulated interest on their student loans, did he really stay ahead? He’s about four years from law school, no legal experience  and would have been better off taking that Bachelor’s degree and working his way into a company. Though my suggestion is a fading trend as most jobs are being outsourced regardless of the educational requirement. I remember reading a news article saying that the next time you’re at a resort or hotel the waiter serving you poolside might be an accountant, let’s add lawyer to the list.