Sign of the Times: San Diego Law School Grad Sues Her Alma Mater for $50 Million

Apparently someone is using what skills ( 🙂 they’ve obtained to demonstrate that its system exploits its graduates–you know the ones trained to uphold the law, fight for the rights of the victims, etc. I can hear this song for a made for Hollywood movie “We’re not going to take, no we’re not going to take it…”

San Diego law school grad sues her alma mater for $50 million

Posted: Jun 03, 2011 1:29 AM EDT

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A former local law student is suing her alma mater for $50 million, after she couldn’t find a job.

The student, San Diegan Anna Alaburda, graduated with honors from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and passed the bar on her first try. She claims she has been unable to find full-time work as an attorney for the past three years.

She is now suing the school that educated her, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, claiming the school falsified its employment numbers.

What would make this even more substantive is that members of a class who suffered similarly BUT even when the economy was doing well. This way the court and laymen naysayers would not be so quick to dismiss it as “it’s the economy” and “every field has been effected.” For the Plaintiff to be a top graduate definitely lends more credence to the case. No matter how well or bad you do in law school you still won’t land a job in your field, ESPECIALLY should you attend a TTT law school. No one will help you. No one likes attorneys. All will assume you are not looking hard enough. You are not taking menial jobs that won’t even allow you to cover your basic expenses or pay a decent portion of the monthly minimum payment on your student loans. You are doomed. Doomed I say.


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  1. Every law school should be shuttered due to fraud! The career placement/income statistics are GODDAMNED LIES!

    In my own case–despite graduating law school in two years, making law review, passing the California Bar on my first attempt–and despite having a master’s degree as well….my JD from California Western School of Law in San Diego has been practically worthless.

    Although I was one of the stars of my class, no one would give me a chance. All I gained was massive student debt and a heightened disdain for the imbecilic public whose hatred for attorneys has created a climate in which shitty financial fortune yields no sympathy–only contempt.

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