Too Many Lawyers Not Enough Jobs: New York Edition

The statistics cannot be ignored, slow economy, too many lawyers not enough jobs = Do Not Attend law school. We warned you and now more than ever main stream media is catching up. Because it’s so obvious and so overwhelming. Where before, say five or more years ago, one had an excuse, no knowledge of deceptive statistics, false encouragement of upward mobility, the higher education will make your life better. The Wall Street Journal is telling you there aren’t enough jobs for attorneys and they’re just referring to the NEWLY minted law graduates; not those who have been laid off or otherwise terminated, from the high ranking partnerships to the staff attorney who find that there is no resources awaiting them in the legal industry.So add that to the 9,000 new law school graduates in New York alone. Here you go:

New York Times Report Show Lawyer Surplus Law Jobs Shortage, Lawcrossing Finds 29,000 Attorney Jobs

Pasadena, CA — (SBWIRE) — 06/29/2011
The New York Times is reporting that the tough job market for new lawyers is partly a result of a lawyer glut in the law jobs market.

The article is based on data gathered and analyzed by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (EMSI), a consulting firm specializing in economic analysis and employment data. The figures gathered by EMSI in fact show that the law schools are graduating more JDs than the economy can absorb for the next few years.

EMSI has taken as its baseline the number of people passing the bar in every state and DC in 2009. The numbers were then put up against the number of estimated job openings for lawyers in those states for the period 2010-15. In every state except Wisconsin and Nebraska, plus DC, there was a lawyer surplus.

The biggest surplus was in New York. 9,787 people passed the bar in 2009 for an estimated 2,100 openings for the period 2010-15. Nationwide, there were only 26,239 job openings for lawyers, while 53,508 people passed the bar. California was in second page with almost 3,000 lawyers in surplus.

Even Nebraska and Wisconsin just have negligible surpluses of law jobs for lawyers. But even though attorney jobs for new lawyers are scare, they exist in most states. LawCrossing is a job aggregator site for all types of legal jobs. The site has been able to locate over 5,500 attorney jobs in New York alone. Nationwide it has located over 29,000 attorney jobs.


  1. Same for earning a PhD. The advice that getting a good education, at any cost, is a ticket to success is no longer good advice.

    My advice: do NOT go into debt for your education.

  2. Your better off becoming a locksmith! The training is FREE from the Society of Professional Locksmiths and we even have a few laywers participating! :):):)

    Thanks for the story, I enjoyed reading it,.

  3. mzcherry98 Said:

    I am so glad to have read this. I was thinking of doing this but something just didn’t feel right. I know that more education doesn’t necessarily mean a better job. I got that rude awakening after grad school was over. Still, some of my silly friends almost had me convinced that if only I had my J.D. worlds of opportunities were going to open up for me and fall from the sky like the rain in Oregon. I am such an unbeliever in the college degree myth. College is just big business!

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      I’m glad to hear you didn’t drink the Kool-Aid, especiallly being a woman of color (as I am). They will do your best to keep you out the door even after you climbed up the steps. It’s not worth your sanity and you surrounded by abnormal people with a pile of debt onyour back. Modern day slavery.

  4. Well even though I’m unemployed, I’m thankful I don’t have to be unemployed and carrying all the debt I would incur in law school. I know of quite a few people who have graduated from top law schools and are struggling to find jobs.

  5. Strelnikov Said:

    It was all about the scheming dreams of avarice – make a ton of money, then retire young. And it went on outside of the law; people ‘flipping” homes, guys making bank on eBay, and before that, the “New Economy” (remember the New Economy that Wired was gushing about?) We’ve had two decades of pie-in-the-sky plans, and 15 years ago the law looked SOLID.

    Like a Potemkin village, the law today looks solid from afar, but the closer you get, the fakery becomes more and more apparent: houses with only three sides, fake carts pulled by fake horses, a palace made out of shaped sand. The fact that there are ten zillion lawyers in the Yellow Pages has to say something about the clients they take on and the actual money they make.

  6. I laughed when I read that DC does not suffer from a backlog of lawyers. It is rather easy to waive into the DC bar, if one is licensed in another state. Recently, a graduate of UDC David A. Clarke Sewer of Law contacted me and told me that he only knew of a few classmates who had lawyer jobs lined up.

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