For Those Considering Law School

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

It has been a while since I posted, I’ve been busy trying to survive amidst the steadily decreasing opportunities for lawyers and the mocking economy. Nevertheless, there are still some who are sounding the “don’t go to law school” horn, including those who have much to gain by increased student enrollment.

A couple of years ago, a self-described ‘unconventional’ IVY League Journal-Harvard Unbound published a comment written by an assistant professor of a law school entitled: For Those Considering Law School (2010)

The author reiterates starry-eyed 0Ls who desire to make a difference and explains alot of jobs that would help people in the legal industry does not require a law degree and you’ll make about what a secretary makes $35,000-$45,000. The only difference, you’ll be saddled with immeasurable debt and a lifelong grudgery of how to pay it off. My note, how does one maintain the desire to help others when one is unable to feed or shelter oneself.

For people of color, it is noted even in media that when the economy isn’t “bad,” how it is usually worse for minorities. So, when whites with the same degree you have and sometimes IVY League are unable to find a job, what chance do you have to find meaningful employment, where your talents and mind are respected in mainstream companies. Before the recession, minorities discussed how they are sometimes discriminated against. Just imagine now, with debt hovering over you and certain institutionalized systems in place that will also discriminate against you in housing….

Anyway, my favorite point in the dean’s comment: “There is no point in investing three years of your life into a school experience and then having a job you hate, so consider this strongly before going.”

CONCLUSION: Don’t think twice before going to law school. Just don’t go.


  1. Nando Said:

    It is apparent that JM Flynn is a law school admissions hack. Look at his blogroll. Hey, ass-clown: do you see medical and dental students losing sleep and weight because they didn’t get into a “top ten” school? Or get shut out of jobs, because they didn’t graduate in the top 10% of their respective class.

    Do not try to minimize the fact that law school is a serious decision, which can have devastating financial consequences for those who make the journey.

    graduate of Third Tier Drake and recipient of a full-tuition scholarship to attend law school

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      He’s in on it! Looks like he’s also monitoring blogs–he came out of nowhere. What’s the likelihood of a minority attending and IVY League top 4 or top 10 law school with little to no debt out of thousands of applicants; let alone the general 0Ls amongst the general population being debt free from undergraduate AND not needing student loans to attend.

    • mrjmflynn Said:

      Wait… What? I went and read the header of your blog and I agree with all you said. Not sure why you think I’m an admissions “hack”. I’m a 0L started blogging to keep some of my friends informed. Thus the reason I “came out of nowhere”. As for the blogs I read – of course, if you’re looking to be admitted to a Top Law School you should read their admissions blogs. I’m not sure what about that implies that I’m some sort of an admissions person infiltrating the blog world.

  2. Nando Said:

    A little bit of good news, regarding this pathetic, filthy industry. Yes, you are correct about the anemic job market negatively impacting racial minorities more than white JDs. The schools continue to sell students on the “versatility” of a law degree – when they KNOW that this is patently false nonsense. That pervasive conduct is FAR WORSE than ANY of the images on my blog.

  3. mrjmflynn Said:

    I agree that going to law school these days can be a huge risk but it’s not necessarily a risk that’s not worth taking.

    If debt is your concern (as it should be if you’re taking it on) then you might want to look at ways to minimize the risk.

    1) Will you be attending a top ranked law school? Sure this does not ensure that you’ll be debt free but it does minimize the risk.

    2) If you’re looking to go into Public Interest, what is your school’s (or desired school’s) LRAP program like? If you go to Yale for example their loan forgiveness program is top notch.

    3) Could you get into a strong regional school debt free?

    That’s a much better way to analyze where you are. But outside of the very top schools, in this economy, it’s usually a bad idea to pay full price.

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