National Law Journal: Accountability and Transparency: Law schools are adapting to the shifting job market

Buyer Beware

This news article Law schools are adapting to the shifting job market (01/24/2012) posted by the National Law Journal discusses the reality of  lawgraduates unemployment, the change in the legal industry and wow, accountability and transparency. The horns and sirens have sounded long enough where the ABA and US News and World Report actually have to tell the truth. The remaining issue, whether federal oversight-the Department of Education will regulate it providing substantive accountability rather than a new way for these accrediting and ranking entities to formulate a new form of ‘smoke and mirrors.’ You may enjoy this part of the article:

The ABA, NALP and U.S. News — under much criticism themselves — have been working to increase, clarify and standardize the employment information they collect from law schools. Within a few short months, the ABA’s most recent changes will be fully in place.

One of the benefits of the new standards is that “employed” graduates will be further classified within subcategories. The ABA and U.S. News no longer will consider both the grad working at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom and the grad working at Starbucks as merely “employed.” Additional breakdowns will funnel them into categories that indicate how many are employed in full-time vs. part-time, professional vs. non-professional, long-term vs. short-term and school-funded positions, and in jobs for which the J.D. provides an advantage.

Lol, let’s see how they would justify tuition once and if these changes are implemented. Buyer beware.


  1. A Law School Victim Said:

    I’ve seen what the profession attracts: immature, self-indulgent, disrespectful, trashy-mouthed, back stabbing liars, alot of the times they’re minorities (black women in the work place are evil, followed by white women, asian women, black men and some white men). I think I’ve met 3 hispanic lawyers out of all these years. I do not think white men do it as much because their imaginary position isn’t threatened compared to others.. Because they think crabs in a barrel until they realize those whom they try to impress got them to do their dirty work and slap the lid right on top…it’s like “where do you think you’re going; you’re stuck with them!”

    • Nando Said:

      I have met several Hispanic JDs, but few practicing lawyers. Those that work in law firms usually end up hanging a shingle and then focus on immigration or criminal defense. Of course, there is the token Hispanic man or woman lawyer in large firms. (Ideologically, they are corporate whores – and don’t care that most racial minorities are getting screwed hard, on a daily basis.)

      • A Law School Victim Said:

        Maybe in your area? I’ve only met three hispanic/latino and this is over some years. Corporate whore– lol. I believe it. I noticed that there are alot illegal blue-collar hispanics in the DC/Maryland area are snobs so I can imagine one that is let through corporate doors. Many think they should be the ones afforded affirmative action, but wait, they are. Interesting,

  2. Nando Said:

    The pigs always have an excuse/justification for their conduct, i.e. “Students want clinical programs. That requires new space, additional faculty, and tons of resources.”

    The swine fail to mention that clinics do not require MASSIVE, expensive new buildings; clear up some space in the main building, if you are concerned about the cost. Furthermore, those who teach clinic are often among the lowest-paid law faculty. Lastly, secretaries are compensated poorly.

    In the final analysis, the ABA has requirements in place which ensure that tenured “professors” will make big money for minimal “work.” There is no “free market” at work here; this is an artificial argument. The cockroaches will come up with an rationale. I half expect the ABA to require law schools to pay left-handed “law professors” an additional 10% salary – since they are “unduly affected” by their “condition.”

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      After years of pressure and building exposure, they found another way to justify expansion and student loan debt. This industry exemplifies corporate environment and “free market”–by any funds necessary. p.s.: you are firery! This system has worn my spirit but at least my eyes were opened years ago, wish they were before law school….

      • Nando Said:

        I am glad you appreciate my fire. I refuse to let these bastards wear down my spirit. I will beat down a “law professor” in a parking lot, before I allow that to happen.

        Plus, the shills and borderline mental lemmings also fuel my fire. When I receive comments threatening me, or telling me to jump into a lake, I immediately slap them around. That also confirms that I will continue to beat the living hell out of these dung pits.

        I have lost a few friends, over this fight. (Some well-meaning Hispanic and black men and women often get offended when I point out that this “profession” is a waste pile, i.e. “Nando, you shouldn’t crush people’s dreams.”

        As if I should sit by quietly while more minorities, women, and those with no connections are pressed into the meat grinder. I fully intend to rip into these toilets, for many years.

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