And You Thought Shakespeare was the Only Artist Who Despised Lawyers

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I will not say that only harm or bad derives from established law or practicing attorneys. Law has produced much good such as the protection of rights. But let us be honest, just on personality and office demeanor, think of what you have thought of lawyers. Although many tout the law as a noble profession many stereotypes are true about many attorneys: money-hungry, do anything to get to the top, back-stabbers, foul-mouth, uncouthe, racists, sexist. Of course this is a reflection of the human condition but when many of these types revel in the power through the courts, politics, et cetera to promote an unhealthy agenda well, let’s take a quote from the Devil’s Advocate starring Al Pacino.  This movie premiered over 10 years ago but I don’t remember seeing it until years later. Wish I saw this before law school.

Why lawyers?

Why the law?

Because the law, my boy,

puts us into everything.

It's the ultimate backstage pass.

It's the new priesthood, baby.

Did you know there are more students in law school..
than lawyers walking the Earth?

We're coming out...guns blazing!   

The two of you...all of us,
acquittal after acquittal after acquittal...

...until the stench of it reaches

so high and far into Heaven...

And scene.


  1. Nando Said:

    Hell, just head to ATL, TLS, JDU, or Law School Discussion to see vile human conduct in action. On ATL, a site supposedly visited by “elite” law grads, you will see ugly, racist comments directed at Elie Mystal – when he blasts a law school or misspells a word. JDU is a haven of severe, collective mental illness. Yes, this piece of garbage “profession” attracts dung beetles, ass-hats, type A personality douchebags, cretins, pigs, roaches, emotional midgets, etc.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      Ellie Mystal, I read somewhere he’s fully defaulted on his student loans and has to rent and buy everything in cash…

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