More on Accountability: ‘Law School Transparency Weighs in on Reform’

Waiting for the Anvil to Fall

Law School Transparency Weighs in on Reform (02/08/2012):

“We founded LST because we saw how difficult it is for prospective students to compare employment outcomes at various schools. This has grown to us advocating for all sorts of consumer-oriented policies to combat significant problems in legal education. One method is producing reports that highlight the misinformation law schools provide about post-graduation outcomes; our latest is the Transparency Index Report.”

LST puts the burden on current students to make their law school administrations to tell the truth, for many though it is too late. What would be the effect on their grades, their chances of being black-listed for clerkships, summer apprenticeships should they “rock the boat.” No easy answer. Law schools do attract bright, inquisitive minds but many attract the sheister stereotypes–the back stabbers, the what ifs brown-nosers who will do anything to get to the top of his class. All this to confront while Sallie Mae is waiting for you at the end of the law school tunnel with a bill in one hand and a financial anvil in another ready to crush your future should you be unable to pay.

Simpler language, we are well aware that law schools have deceived 0Ls and those who underwent the lawschool scheme. We are exposing the false information law schools provide which lures the reader into thinking law school is a viable investment in their futures. Fraud by inducement.


  1. Nando Said:

    LST is pathetic. They failed in their objective. When you are outmanned, outgunned or facing a well-financed industry, you do not affect change by gently asking the pigs – who are perpetrating the scam – to please provide data.

    If the bastards feel free to lie to NALP, US “News” and government agencies, then they are not going to “comply” with a couple of law grads’ request for info.

    In the end, we live in a capitalist society. The schools – whether they are “non-profit,” for profit, public or “private” – only care about $$$$$! The cockroaches want to build up their reputations, and the public’s (idiotic”) faith in “higher education.” The current lawsuits as well as constant critical coverage from scamblogs and major news outlets remains the best chance to make these pigs either change their ways – or impact their bottom line.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      I do agree their LST “outrage” is a big watered down, who knows in this economy whether they’ll be bought to pay their bills too..

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