Law Professor and Former Dean Writes Book Exposing the Law School Scam

This article The Bad News Law Schools – (2/20/2012) describes what a former law school dean but still law professor has to say regarding law schools failings and the American Bar Association’s complicity in the legal industry crisis:

In fact, that news was itself not so new. Uneasiness about the state of legal education has been around for some time, but in the wake of the financial meltdown of 2008, uneasiness ripened into a conviction that something was terribly wrong as law school applications declined, thousands of lawyers lost their jobs, employers complained that law school graduates had not been trained to practice law, and law school graduates complained that they had been led into debt by false promises of employment and high salaries. And while all this was happening, law schools continued to raise tuition, take in more and more students, and construct elaborate new facilities.

Well, I think this sums it up.


  1. anonymous Said:

    You forgot to add that when big American corporations and large law firms began offshoring mass amounts of legal jobs (of all shapes and sizes) back a few years ago, the law schools just sat there and did nothing. They didn’t put any pressure on the ABA to rethink the wisdom behind 08-451, nor did they mobilize as a group and speak out (on behalf of the bar and their own students) against the growing practice of outsourcing and what it would do to the legal profession.

  2. Nando Said:

    The fact that this book was written by a tenured law professor and former dean will give his positions more credibility. This is a good development.

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