$10,000 First Year Associate Salary-Boston

No,this is not a joke. The article begins with:

Say No to Law School
Protect Your Sanity and Your
Financial Future

By now, most people know a law degree hardly guarantees law school graduates will snag a good job, let alone a high-paying BigLaw position.

But it may be even tougher than you think to get a high-paying legal job just out of law school. Hiring law firms, if you thought you were low-balling new grads, think again. (Boston Business Journal 06/01/2012): Legal job market hits new low: BC Law lists job below minimum wage 

Yahoo’s version: (06/01/2012)  Attention Lawyers: Get Your … $10,000 a Year Salary: 

The beginning of the article states: Attention college students applying to law school: put down the LSAT prep book. You might want to consider another line of work.

How can this be legal, it reminds me of how waitresses are paid poorly on an hourly basis then make most of their money on commission, maybe this is the same scheme. For shame, BELOW MINIMUM WAGE. Sallie Mae, SLM, Access, Nelnet does not care: All they say is _________ , you better have my money with a financial, back-handed slap known as late charges, additional finance charges, interests and other ‘costs.’

This has been going on for decades. Mainstream media is just late to the party; I would dare say ‘fashionably late.’ The kind of oh I was going to get there, so when I (mainstream media) arrive I appear to expose this dying legal market.


  1. Lawyer Said:

    The answer is simple. DO NOT PAY BACK STUDENT LOANS. Sure, they add additional interest and fees, but if you never pay those back either, why does it even matter? The debt is fake. It only exists on a computer system somewhere.

  2. David Said:

    As a significant afterthough…we need a fucking union.

  3. David Said:

    Please, can we NAME and SHAME this cunt of a law firm that is offering this shit salary? Clients of that turd of a firm need to understand that their attorneys have probably lost all faith in the legal system – I know I would if I was working for $10K. I worked for $40K right out of law school, and I know I was fucking livid that I had just been raped by the legal system; I had no loyalty to my firm, my clients, or anything else. I just wanted to be done with that entire stage of my life. This $10K firm needs to be put out of business, and shame on anyone who applies and accepts that kind of demeaning job. It’s like being told to get to the back of the bus, and saying “Yes sir! Right away sir!”

    Grow some balls and fight this obscene shit.

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