#@&% No!: More lawyers of color a law school priority (Updated)

You see this? More lawyers of color a law school priority (Daily Planet, 05/24/2012)When an industry is failing that’s when they desire more people of color–so they can take them down with them. A year ago I posted an article regarding this issue and apparently it is being revisited. Listen wisely people of color, especially Blacks. Do not allow propaganda, rhetoric and false promises deceive you into attending law school. Let’s look at the facts:

*Law school tuition increases, while unemployment in the legal industry steadily decreases.

*Since the 2008 recession, the U.S. national unemployment rate hovered I think around 9+%. For Black Americans specifically it was a consistent 15%. When things are bad, they are really bad for Blacks.

*Unemployment as of last week continued to worsen in the public sector (federal and state government), because as one news article reported the bulk of Black unemployment is in this sector. Translation: whites in the mid to BigLaw firms have always been hesitant if not blatantly refuse to hire you. For those wise enough to apply to Yale or Harvard, a white male from the same alma mater will still win over you.

*The average law student must take out student loans: No ifs, ands, or buts. So an average person of color from working class or middle class will never have ALL of their tuition/fees paid by non-dischargrable Sallie Mae debt. Should you be able to find a job upon graduation, know that you will not make $150,000+ starting nor ever. Since state and federal government have continued to shrink its workforce, by the time new 0Ls apply there will be even less jobs in that sector.

This industry wants to get as many people of color mired in debt. Use your critical thinking skills and common sense. As mentioned before, you are wise to this game they’re attempting to play. Remember when the 4th tier UB Law attempted to open a branch law school in Prince George’s County-a county that has always been historically Black? It didn’t go through (See my post: Does Prince George’s Need a Law School?: An Article in The Washington Post (February 11, 2010) It does not matter if it’s Maryland or Minnesota or Massachussetts, it is a horrible scheme across the board.

Now there’s another scheme in the works in the guise of getting people of color represented in the legal industry. How about getting people of color represented in a legitimate workforce that actually helps them achieve a standard of living and have dignity? No, just more debt. Nothing but legal education sharecropping. You will be calling Sallie Mae “master.”

**Please also see: Minorities Decrease Enrollment in Law Schools: They Figured Out the Game (07/16/2010; Life’s Mockery)


  1. John Bungsolaphagus Said:

    See my post from Sept. 2010: God I hope the cruxt of the above articles and postings is indeed true. I certainly hope that black folk have figured out that law is not for them. That the devils that run law see to it daily that black folks mostly cannot profit from law and that they are certainly not welcome in most of law. The elitist, racist and classist devils that run law have no use for those who are not they. The outcast folks include non-elite whites and even non-elite jews. But black folk, other than an occasional token associate, staff attorney or doc reviewer, are certainly not welcome in the devil’s legal profession.

    Hopefully black folk are becoming too smart and practical to continue to fall for the lawland scam.

  2. This seems racist as hell.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      The tactic to get more people color in a dying industry? Yes it is. If you are referring to my post, I’ll worry only when someone says what I wrote is a lie. ‘Til then, que sera sera.

  3. I love it when the schools play the “Race” card, as in “society needs more lawyers of [fill in the blank] racial/gender characteristic.”

    I guarantee you, the only color they care about is “green”.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      ‘I guarantee you, the only color they care about is “green”.’ CLASSIC! lol.

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