Why I don’t like Sallie Mae

Well, for the obvious reasons. They are oppressive and there seems to be no end in sight for their billing tactics. We all know that recently a lawsuit was filed against Sallie Mae, SLM and subsidiaries for violating federal law. One of the options for damages is to have your student loan balance reduced instead of receiving an actual monetary award. Let’s see all of the billions of dollars in student debt, billions of consumers/students’ whose privacy rights were violated, attorney fees, court costs. I think each student will have a calculable $100 (that’s being generous) deduction.

Anyway, I was behind on the private student loans of which I have two (2). Scrimping and sacrificing to make my account current. For some reason most of the customer service representatives are vindictive women who hate their lives and take joy in making you deal with them. The other day I set up an auto payment and made a sigh of relief. This rude and cantankerous woman chuckled, literally in my ear and said even with these payments you are [this amount of time] behind. She actually had joy that I was still a little late on the most current payment. These people are sick and I’m sure they train their staff to the lowest customer service representative to the CEO that student borrowers are commodities which can be bundled (consolidated), traded (sold) and mocked. I say do whatever you can to pay off any private loans you have and let them see a grand reduction in student loan debt. Let these customer service representatives lose their jobs and see how it feels to struggle with barely anything to try to do the right thing while this corporate monstrosity makes a mockery of your effort. That my dear, will be karma.


  1. gg Said:

    Im going to mail them a bag of feces

  2. Nando Said:

    If they act in that way, ABUSE the bastards in return. Give the cockroaches a taste of their own medicine. Clearly, they don’t give a damn about their customers – and unlike most corporate stooges, they don’t put up the pretense of “customer service” or “customer care.”

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      These were ‘federal’ private (oxymoron) loans, not regular federal ones. I’m not sure how I can get away with abusing them back….

  3. Mr. Mike Said:

    I agree with the yelling, but the way things are going Sallie Mae will be tits-up in 2 years or less. Too many defaulters, loans not being paid back fast enough, etc. are killing that firm and let me say THEY FUCKING DESERVE IT.

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      Hmmm I agree as far as big consolidated. There’s no way an average-above average graduate to pay $100,000+ in loans. I still advocate paying off private ones. The bigger ones secured by government will have to be dealt with the feds through reform.

  4. Bob Said:

    Don’t let ’em laugh at you. Do what I do. YELL at them. Having a bad day? Call them and yell at them, for no reason. Be abusive, be an asshole.

    What are they gonna do? Close your account?

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      Hmmm, interesting suggestion. Maybe they’ll cancel then. ha.

    • Mr. Mike Said:

      They will give your account to crooked debt collectors like NCO Financial or GC Services because Sallie Mae is full of shitheels.

      Keep paying these fucknuggets, because it can get worse.

      • Bob Said:

        No Mike, you have to default first. They are in it for their greed. If you send the money, you can yell at them all you want. Let’s try to be factual.

      • A Law School Victim Said:

        Actually that was the direction I was headed. I was worried about those small things like food and shelter and I got behind so they sent me threatening letters saying they would put my professional license in jeopardy and refer the account to insurer/guarantor. These are the private education loans which have no forbearance or deferments. Similar to a car loan…I’m supposed current now but I have great intent to pay both off as soon as possible. They treat their customers like marionettes.

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