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New Book Claims Law School is a Bad Deal for Most

New Book Claims Law School is a Bad Deal for Most, no it is not my title, it’s the actual title of the article from the Wall Street Journal.

“Failing Law Schools” by Brian Tamanaha, a professor at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, makes the claim that the real culprits in legal education’s problems are high demand and the fact that law schools have for many years raised tuition beyond the rate of inflation, the National Law Journal reports.

Mr. Tamanaha claims that the mounting tuition has given way to bloated faculties, overpaid professors, the gaming of the law school ranking system and heaps of scholarship money. Elite schools like Harvard Law School, Yale Law School and Columbia Law School have been able to charge more and still fill their classes, while placing graduates in good jobs, but the same cannot be said for non-elite schools, which make up the majority.”

I’m not sure which time frame does he attribute the 0L to law graduates complicitness to the problem. I will say that at least for approximately the past 8 years many resources have become readily available warning potential law applicants of the dire state of the legal industry. More of the article can be found here: New Book Claims Law School is a Bad Deal for Most, Wall Street Journal Law Blog; 06/18/2012