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Random thoughts

Another rejection letter: 

“Dear [                   ]

Thank you for applying for the position listed below with the Department of State:  [                   ] Officer

You were found qualified; however, in competition with other candidates, you were not referred as one of the highly qualified candidates. We thank you for your interest in the Department of State and encourage you to apply for other positions for which you are qualified.

Human Resources Team” [it’s all a game to them]

….An old episode of  ‘The Cosby Show’: Grandfather: Sandra… much is it costing you. Father (Bill Cosby): “it’s up there”. Grandfather: “What’s her major?” Father (Bill Cosby): She doesn’t have one. Grandfather: “She doesn’t have one?” What does she do just walk around the college? Father (Bill Cosby): Umm errr…liberal arts. Grandfather:  “What does that make her when she graduates?” Father (Bill Cosby): Nothing. Grandfather: “You mean to tell me you pay $50,000 for her to graduate, return home to be nothing?” This when tuition was likely more reasonable even for IVY League. Just imagine the dialogue for the TTT school graduate’s family.