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University of Chicago’s ‘All You Need Is Law: Because Love Is Inefficient’

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Image from Disney's Aladdin

Ok, I’m not sure if this is direct retaliatory art scheme to Esq. Never’s A Law School Carol, but this is just frightening. Apparently the University of Chicago Law School does this annually. On its website it shows a law school musical entitled: “All You Need Is Law: Because Love Is Inefficient” [] Have people lost their minds? Is this a parody? As much as I hear about Americans disliking Disney, I think it’s just  odd and insulting to abuse a song from The Lion King?  The law students used the Circle of Life, in a way this makes sense. Predators attacking, eliminating and consuming their prey to carry on the tradition (the hunt) as they have been taught, ok I digress.

Why in the world would future professionals parade themselves while professors and deans clap and probably think “yes, dance for us, schuck and jive, entertain us while we profit off the federal student loans that is paying our salaries, sabatticals and pensions.” It’s not like you’re spending time with friends or family such as dinner, bowling, or the theatre, this is apparently an official law school activity. Is this the privilege of being in a T-14 law school, I can probably guess the extent if a lower ranked law school would dare subject its students to such activities.

Anyway, looking at the title of the musical this shows how if you not an elitist you better be a cut throat, arrogant, heartless, shrill to succeed in law. You will learn how to push the envelope, learn the difference between legal ethics and human ethics and the psychotic ones will manipulate or blur the lines between both, while true justice fades away in the distance. Forget about family life, cultivating nurturing relationships that will outlast the average legal career. All you need is law?, all you’ll need is an anti-depressant if you attend law school.