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The Rejection Letters Haven’t Ceased

“Thank you for applying for the Assistant United States Attorney position for the ______District of __________, in our ____ Branch Office. This letter is to advise you that another highly qualified candidate was selected for this position. We appreciate your interest in this position and hope you will consider other vacancies as they occur.”

[in order for us to reject you for those too]  At this point I really do not see the purpose of applying for jobs. I know you’re supposed to, but these polite rebuffs just reinforces the belief that this system is set up to advance certain people. To continue to believe that the job market is fair or should you work hard and qualify society will be fair to you in return. It’s simply not the case. No, this isn’t the first time I discovered this, but when you were a few years younger one still possessed glimmers of hope. This hope is exterminated to the stark reality of America. The system doesn’t work–except for a few people.