Cautionary Advice about Attending Law School-Clark Howard

A few days ago, when I actually had access to a television I saw Clark Howard’s show. For those who do not know, he is a regular guy who kind of became obsessed with money and saved much at a young age and now gives advice to others.

Anyway, a young man called in stating he was accepted to a few law schools and was asking which one, if any should he attend. The caller stated that a low ranked law school offered him $15,000 a year to defray the cost of attending such a ‘prestigious’ institution. He also explained that one of the other law school’s he applied for higher ranked but did not offer a scholarship at all.

Clark Howard asked him that it really didn’t make a difference between law schools and ask the gentleman whether or not he thought it was worth it since the legal industry has continued to suffer under this economy. Clark Howard proclaimed that if one of the law schools ranked in the Top 5 (notice not 1st tier, not first 25, not top 14 or 10, but 5!)…then long term investment even without scholarship would be worth it, otherwise he should really consider his choices among the law schools. I looked at Clark Howard’s face and knowing he is conservative with his money it looked like he wanted to say don’t go to law school but feared backlash. Kind of what Oprah suffered when she made don’t eat beef comment then was the target for a civil lawsuit.

Where were the  Clark Howards of the world hen the rest of us applied?


  1. Nando Said:

    Unlike the pig “professors” and administrators, he has no direct financial stake in the subject. That should tell the listeners something.

  2. Nando Said:

    We scambloggers really brought this filthy, vile, excrementitious industry to the spotlight. Back when we started covering the law school pigs, defenders called us “whiners.” Now, “law professors,” judges, members of Congre$$, social commentators, newspapers, etc. are calling out this law schools. We were right, but it feels good to know that we have impacted the cockroaches. Now, if only a few dozen commodes would close their doors…

    • A Law School Victim Said:

      Most politicians, even in dire circumstances, will say what they want constituents to hear, just to get elected or to have another term. CH is debt free and retired early so at least his honestly does not appear to be politically aligned…

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