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An Innovative Idea: High School and Higher Education

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In Georgia, colleges are paid to teach high-achieving high schoolers. [June 17, 2010: 

Ga. program lets high school students attend college full time  |, Atlanta Journal Constitution]

 These minor academics must have and maintain rigorous grade point averages and are able to dual-matriculate between high school and college. The high school student does not pay tuition! The high school sends funds to the university that the student attends. So the high school students will go to college for the most part for free, graduate early,  have high grades and no student loans? What an idea! “The new program requires high school students to become full-time college students by taking at least 12 credit hours on campus, said Gary Mealer, a program specialist with the Georgia Department of Education.”

I wonder if this would’ve worked for undergraduate students. Earning undergraduate credits while matriculating at law school. Looking at the article’s model, the law school would still get paid, oh wait, law schools charge an exorbitant amount of money for law education and since there are rigorous criteria, likely the undergraduate institution would not be willing to shift funds to third and fourth tier law schools. So I guess law schools wouldn’t get paid. Never mind.

After reading the first portion of the article, this high school student had to mess up the hope the reader had for them: “”I know I want to go to law school, and this allows me to get an early start on my college education,” said Spencer Marion, 17. “High school just wasn’t interesting for me anymore. Why stay there when I had the chance to go to college?” Are you sure?, really, you guys are supposed to be the best and the brightest, I hope you find these blogs, most of your work will likely be for naught.